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FAQs- Selling your Home on the Internet

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See our list of FAQs for more information on our services and find out how online estate agents are revolutionising the industry.
We can find you the right buyer and negotiate the best price for your property. Have a look at the questions below to help you find the answers you need and for further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly advisors.


Do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
In order to market your property a valid EPC is required. If required, we can arrange an EPC to be produced for you at an extremely competitive price of £49 +vat. An EPC is valid for 10 years .

Our sales service

Why do you charge an upfront fee?
By charging an upfront fee we are able to offer our customers the best value and the fee is a fair one. One of the reasons High Street agents charge so much is that they wait until completion to take their fee. The vast majority of sales are successful but every estate agency suffers fall throughs, for example when a seller decides to take their property off the market. By charging very high fees the High Street agents use the majority of successful deals to cover the costs (and much more) of the unsuccessful deals. This is unfair as successful sellers are being made to pay for the fall throughs. In the event that your deal is unsuccessful, because a buyer pulls out for example, we will re‐market your property until it is re‐sold, at no extra cost to you.
Why is it so cheap?
We don’t like to call it cheap, outstanding value is a more fitting description. The fees that we charge are what we consider to be fair for the work that we undertake in order to market and sell your property. Unlike a traditional High Street agency model with expensive shop fronts and viewing assistants the online estate agents model is different. We operate from one headquarters and we sell properties all over the UK. There is no need for expensive viewing assistants who do not add any extra value to the price of your property, so why pay for them with exorbitant High Street agent fees?
Once you have my money, how do I know you will push for the best price for my property?
We have a growing number of satisfied customers that we have sold properties for and we want to continue in this way. We can only continue to grow if we have a good reputation based on solid sales results and great customer service. Although the ultimate price achieved for your property is market driven, our highly skilled negotiators will certainly play their part in the sales process and work tirelessly on every sale to achieve the highest price possible for every property. Some of our customers’ properties have even sold for over the asking price and at prices higher than valuations given by High Street agents.
Am I tied in to a contract for a period of time?
No. There is no time period tie in to a contract and so you are free to leave us at any time. If you want to market your property with us and another agent(s) that is fine however please be aware that if you sell through us while you are in a sole agency agreement with another agent, they may charge you a fee. You will need to check anything that you sign with another agent carefully. The only contractual obligation with us is if you have chosen sales option 3. This states that you are liable to pay £700 +vat on completion of sale.
How long will you market my property for?
We will market your property until it’s sold or you instruct us to take it off the market. As long as you stay on the market, we do not have any marketing time restrictions with any of our services.
What’s the difference between your service and the service from a High Street agent?
Apart from the huge price difference all we ask is that you attend the viewings. We arrange all the viewings at a time to suit you and we vet all potential buyers. There is no other difference. We offer a valuation service  and after finding you a buyer we handle the sales deal in exactly the same way as any other estate agent. We work for you to negotiate the best sale price and once you have accepted an offer we coordinate with both parties solicitors all the way through the process to the exchange of contracts and completion.

Using an Online Estate Agent

Why should I use an online estate agent rather than a High Street agent?
This is an easy one!  Online estate agents are revolutionising the entire industry, in a good way.  By using an online estate agent you will save a small fortune in fees compared to a High Street agent and you will also be exposed to the same buyers searching online.  Therefore you will achieve the same sale price too, despite what High Street agents tell you.  So there we have it, three great reasons to choose an online estate agent rather than a High Street agent:

1. Attract the same buyers

2. Achieve the same sale price.

3. Save huge sums in fees.

What about the saying “you get what you pay for”?
For many products and services we would agree with this statement but I’m afraid that in the case of High Street estate agents vs online estate agents this statement does not hold any weight. Traditional High Street agents charge fees that far outweigh the level of service that they provide. They will continue to do so until people refuse to continue being ripped off. By marketing your property on the UKs leading search portals we will attract the same buyers who will pay the same money for your property. Please see our testimonials.
Are you sure I will achieve the same price for my property if I use your online estate agent service instead of a High Street agent?
Yes, yes and yes again. We have the same chance of selling your property at the same price as a High Street agent. This is a common misconception and one that worried High street agents use against online estate agents in a desperate attempt to keep charging their exaggerated fees.


How does the valuations process work?
An experienced local estate agent will visit your property for a free valuation. We can provide you with a report that will list a number of similar properties to yours, currently on the market and recently sold, to help gauge the right price to market at. Please see more about our valuations service here.
Do you charge for a valuation?
No. Our valuations are free and there is no obligation.


Are potential viewers vetted?
Yes. It is our policy to take the full name and address, contact details as well as the buying and financial position of all potential viewers.

Your Home Visit

Should I prepare my property in any way before the visit?
Photos play a huge part in the marketing of your property. The less cluttered a property is, the better the photos will look. Please try to clear and tidy as much as you can before your appointment. Exterior shots are very important too so any clearing that can be done in rear and front gardens will help.
How long will it take?
It normally takes just over an hour for a trained assessor to take photographs, floor plan and assess for an EPC.
When will one of your team visit my property to take photographs, floor plan and assess for an EPC (if required)?
Once you have instructed us we will book an appointment for you right away. The average waiting time for a home visit is three to four days. Of course, if you want us to delay the appointment then please just let us know.
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